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Private Coaching
Accelerated Growth – Tailored To You


We often read about people who at the end of their lives ask themselves:

“Did I live a life that was happy and made a difference?”

The problem is, asking that question at the end of our life, is too late.

Because if the answer is “No,” all we’re left with is regret.

Learn To Connect Who You Are, To What You Do In Life Now

There’s no reason any of us should ever need to ask that question of ourselves.

By knowing our own value and living focused on creating the experience of life we’ve chosen, we say how life goes, not Chaos or Circumstances.

The Antidote To A Reactionary Life

We all start out life just reacting to what randomly comes along.

And most of what influences our choices, are other peoples intentions for us.

And we think that’s the way life is.

The Ugly Truth

As time passes, we begin to experience how empty and unfulfilling it can be to live that way.

And the toll it’s taking on our happiness and self-worth, keeps eating us up inside.

You Can’t Be Great…If You’re Living The Wrong Life

Unknowingly, we’ve let Chaos keep us from seeing the gifts we were intended to use to live a powerful, happy, fulfilling life.

A life we know matters, because we feel connected to what we’re doing and the value we are bringing to others lives.

It’s the power that comes from learning to live intentionally.

It’s a life we create, using our natural gifts as tools to achieve the experience of life we have chosen.

The Power Of Intentional Living Membership is a great way to learn to “Live A Life That Lights You Up!”tm

Another way is through our Private Coaching Program.

The Value Of Private Coaching

Private Coaching allows you to accelerate your journey.

It can be of substantial value when you want to:

Improve your life direction decision making;  Especially when you’ve decided to, or are forced to, change your life or career direction, but aren’t sure which direction to go.

It helps you more rapidly:

  • Uncover your core value, purpose and natural strengths.
  • Define the experience of life you truly want.
  • Clarify what types of work, environments or groups are most aligned with the use and development of your natural gifts, so your ability to connect and excel is significantly improved.
  • Learn techniques, embed habits and discover tools specifically tailored to support the life you want to be your life, going forward.

You were never intended to live as a victim.
(No matter how stressed up life seems at the moment.)

In fact, you were specifically given a set of unique tools to create a great life, one that is fun, connected, meaningful and adds value to the world.

Grab hold of the wheel and start directing your journey.

Choose to uncover and live through the best of who you are.

A life connected to what matters to you.

That’s the life you were born to experience.

But you have to choose it, to live it.

Choose to live You now. Not somebody else’s version.


Private Coaching – Availability

With my focus on our Membership, I only work with a few individual clients as my schedule allows.

If you’d like to know more about my Private Coaching program, please email me at: .

Let’s see what’s possible.



Paul A. Good MM, MEd
The Power Of Intentional Living

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