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Paul A. Good MM, MEd
Paul earned Master's degrees in Business and Education from Cambridge College, with specializations in advanced learning technologies, conflict resolution and diversity. He attended Berklee College of Music as an undergraduate.

He has been a dedicated student of music, philosophy, psychology and personal development since his teens. He also says this picture is way too serious.

Paul's led businesses and organizations that have spanned diverse work environments. He's been a director of a multi-million dollar chain, helped build two business start-ups, founded a non-profit organization and has created two online businesses to date.

The Revitalization Trust Fund (NCRTF) founded in 1999, which he continues to chair, raises private funds to help transformation public spaces and bring more art into the public view.

He also wrote and co-produced their 14 part video series "Behind The Projects."

In addition to founding and managing The Power Of Intentional Living.com, Paul serves on the boards of several other non-profit organizations.

He's a speaker, an intentional living coach and authors articles on a variety of topics.

Paul's other endeavors include a passion for researching and recommending human designed technology, writing music, lyrics and poetry, personal fitness, playing a variety of percussion instruments and just causing fun in the world.

He's also been in love with his awesome wife for over 36 years, but nobody's counting.
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