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Living intentionally means you’ve become clear

about the experience of life you want,

and are actively making it so.


It’s so easy to spend our time driven by what just comes along….. and find ourselves only chasing other people’s dreams.

We’ve all done it.

And at some point, we begin asking ourselves whether our busy life means anything that’s important to us.

Because this is our life, nobody else’s.

And whether we’ve recognized it yet (or not), we can choose the experience of life we want, and intentionally create a successful, fulfilling life based upon it.

How do you want your life to be?

Imagine for a moment:

What if you were creating your life around what fundamentally drives your interests and engages your natural strengths?

What work would you choose?

What lifestyle would you create?

What people would you spend time with?

How often would you wake up wanting to do more of it each day?

Just a dream, right?

You can live a successful, connected life driven by purpose and powered through your natural strengths… if you decide to.

And it’s more possible than you think. 

Give yourself a chance.

Start Here.

And when you subscribe, I walk with you, plus give you bonus articles, videos and audios, to help you get the most from each of the three steps in your journey.

Step 1: Defining The Experience Of Life You Want

To create a life that matters to you,  you need to get clear about how you want to be in your life.

I know, that sounds a bit “cosmic.”

Research has shown that people who live fulfilling, engaged lives, have intentionally (or unintentionally) done these three things:

1. Become clear on what connects them to meaning in their life.

 2. Know what natural abilities they have to work with.

 3. Intentionally point their life in a direction that engages those talents and values.


Whatever you believe about yourself at this moment, by simply walking through the three steps, you will see yourself differently.

Maybe for the first time, you’ll step back, look at yourself, and appreciate how valuable you already are.  And how much you can uniquely contribute to the world around you.

Download The Worksheet below, and begin to open your eyes, and your heart, to things you’ve likely missed about yourself for a long time.

Click To Download Worksheet

The instructions on the form will guide you.

Tip: As you use the form, don’t worry about the order, priority, or anything else. Just follow the format and keep adding items as they flow out of you.

The mission is to put as much of who you are in one place as possible. You’ll use what you’ve done a bit later in a powerful way.

If you wake up tonight and think of one’s you’ve forgotten, just add them on. The more you add to the list, the more powerfully it will paint a picture of you, helping you move forward.

Once this step is done. Then what?

Hold onto the paper, because it’s only one of two keys (Step #2 contains the second key) that you’ll use to complete the final Step #3.

That’s where you’ll put what you’ve done in the first two steps into action, in the only place that matters, in your life.


When you Subscribe, I help you walk through all three steps in sequence, so you get the maximum benefit (with bonus material in between steps!). 

Once you’ve completed your “I Am” statement, and put it into play, it will be time to take:

“Step #2: Now Uncover Your Natural Strengths”

There, you’ll get a peek at a part of your very own “owner’s manual.”

No kidding.

You’ll be using the top Strengths Assessment tool in the industry to help you.

Remember, we’re here to help you succeed, so write us at: with questions, suggestions or feedback.

We’re constantly working to help you focus your life around the best of who you are.

Never stop moving forward.


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